ICSSC Projects Challenges and Accomplishments

Alexander Liu

Alexander Liu

This is a working draft. There will be rough sentences and incomplete sections.

ICSSC is UC Irvine's ICS (Information and Computer Sciences) Student Council. It really is quite a mouthful, but in essence, ICSSC serves the ICS student body here on campus, and Projects Committee works towards that mission by maintaining student developed tools from course planning, dining hall menus, and internal tools.

Introductions aside, I can say with full sincerity that ICSSC and Projects Committee represents some of my closest friends, most talented colleagues, and proudest achievements. I hope this post will serve as a living document, keeping a record of all the incredible things we create, and our failures along the way.


tl;dr: 98 valid applicants for projects; 90 projects first pref; 34 acceptances; 33 new members


This year, Eddy and I set a goal to further pursue our values of openness and ensure the collective knowledge of Projects can remain helpful for generations of Projects to come. As a student org, we inherently have high turnover - students are only here for a few years after all.

Coming into our role as Project Co-Chairs, we inherited a scattered knowledge base, spread across Google Docs, Notion, and the occasional markdown file.






Special Projects

Corporate Dashboard

  • February 20, 2024
    • Working through the night to get a working version complete.
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